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The core principles of yoga practice.

Yoga means creating a balance of body-mind. And the soul to be as one Practicing yoga is a process of training the body, breathing exercises, and training the mind to focus on the breathing in and out. Which will lead to better concentration. In practice, three things must be

The advantages of take a hot shower. 

Ever heard the phrase “Adults take a hot shower first” ? This sentence means Adults will experience various events. or have experience in various matters than the younger ones. But in this article, we will talk about the advantages of “hot baths” that make us know that Why should we take a hot

Eat bubble tea without getting fat. How should you eat it?

          As you can see, the calories in bubble tea are not less, sugar, flour, milk, creamer, all of which are fat people. But those who lose weight or are afraid of being fat do not have to worry. If you want to eat pearls, you can

Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer it important to Married or sexually active women are more likely to contract the virus at some point in their lives. But most infections, more than 90 percent will go away on their own within 1-2 years without causing symptoms or disease. But not

What is social distancing?

Social Distancing People may be familiar with their ears during this period. Because it is a word that is used very often During this kind of covid situation, many people may or may not understand what Social Distancing is. Today I will tell you about it. It is important for your health.

Symptoms of diabetic patients.

Symptoms in patients with diabetic that should be observed regularly This may mean that your blood sugar is abnormal. and may cause harm to the body in a short time. Symptoms of low blood sugar sweating trembling, trembling hands feel hungry Weakness, weak limbs confusion, unconsciousness, seizures How to

Relieve stress easily at your desk.

Stress is a state of emotions or feelings that arise when faced with a variety of problems. That makes you feel uncomfortable and frustrated. Mild to moderate stress can help increase work efficiency. Making you feel enthusiastic and careless. But if stress accumulates or is stressed regularly.

On the subject of hope.

Hope refers to what is expected to happen in the future. If we decide to do one thing with the goals you want to reach. Hope consists of having the freedom to make decisions and the path that leads to what is hoped for. When people have expectations

social anxiety disorder

Recheck!! Are we suffering from social anxiety disorder?

Recheck!! Are we suffering from social anxiety disorder? Don’t let the online world control you!! Today I would like to invite you to check if you are behaving similarly to ” social phobia ” or not?? before it’s too late In fact, when we post or doing something in public What we should do is

Eating too much sugar can cause a heart attack. Eating sweet food Reputed to contain a mixture of sugar often has a delicious taste.

Eating too much sugar can cause a heart attack

Eating too much sugar can cause a heart attack. Eating sweet food Reputed to contain a mixture of sugar often has a delicious taste. But hidden with more danger than everyone expected. The amount of sugar that can be obtained from rice, Bread or other seasoning ingredients will suffice. But we