6 lucky NewYear food from around the world

6 lucky NewYear food from around the world. The superstitions are not indifferent. Especially during the New Year that everyone wants good things to happen in their own lives. Therefore, in many countries around the world there is an interesting belief about auspicious food. Which is believed to bring good luck and here are seven foods people believe to eat fortunately throughout the year. Life will be abundant, wealthy and live long.

6 lucky NewYear food

  1. Pork  
Pork represents wealth and prosperity in Eastern European countries culture. With a rounded shape and a protruding nose

  2. Grapes  
In Mexico and Spain, it is believed that eating 12 grapes at midnight will represent good fortune to visit in the next 12 months.

  3. Long noodles  

Many East Asian countries. Especially in Chinese and Japanese cultures. It is believed that when eating long noodles on New Year’s Day Will make the life of the eater as long as the nature of the noodle.

6 lucky NewYear food

  4. Pomegranate 
The seeds are a symbol of fertility according to the Greek belief. Even with the tradition of throwing pomegranate balls to the door when the clock tells midnight exactly If there are many seeds falling out This means that throughout the year there will be abundance.

  5. Fish  
Fish are the lucky food on New Year’s Eve because their scales are round like a coin. Which means wealth At the same time, the movement of the fish can also show signs of progress.

  6. Cake  
With a circular shape, the cake becomes a symbol of the convergence of another round. It is also a coin symbol of wealth. In ufabet Greek culture, a dessert called Vasilopita or Greek New Year’s Bread is enjoyed exactly at midnight.

If the night celebrates New Year’s Eve, welcome the New Year, can’t think of the menu. The inspiration from the lucky food is no less interesting.