Anti-COVID foods to build your immune system

Anti-COVID foods to build your immune system. COVID-19 resumes turbulence again. Besides protecting the outside by wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently, be sure to strengthen it from the inside. Because healthy food choices can help build your immune system, here are 7 foods that can help fight COVID-19.

★ 1. Mushroom ★

Anti-COVID foods to build your immune system

It is well known that Mushrooms contribute to the function of the immune system. And the reputation of mushrooms is increasingly spoken as a food that reduces the risk of viral infection. Mushrooms are the only natural source of vitamin D to help reduce the risk of COVID-19, especially the zinc-rich shiitake mushroom. Which is an essential mineral for the immune system

★ 2. Red Sweet Pepper ★ When
talking about vitamin C, most people think of citrus fruits. But red bell peppers also provide no less vitamin C. Vitamin C that this is known as high in antioxidants. Helps promote healthy immunity. A simple way to eat, just cut small pieces into the food you eat. Just this can easily supplement vitamin C.

★ 3. Garlic ★
Garlic is one of the herbs known for its immune stimulating properties. Contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and prevent many diseases, and above all Garlic contains one ingredient called Allicin, which has anti-bacterial properties. And prevent the common cold

★ 4. Ginger ★

Anti-COVID foods to build your immune system

Ginger has been a herbal remedy against colds for a long time. In addition to the smell and the pungency that makes us feel that it can fight disease then. Ginger also has properties in the field of inflammation. Relieve cough Including diseases related to the respiratory tract

★ 5. Broccoli ★

Broccoli is a miracle that combines vitamins A, C and E together. These three vitamins will help stimulate the immune system as well. Of course, it reduces the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus as well. Besides this, anyone looking for a way to lose weight Broccoli is the answer as well. Can be called up to two against

★ 6. Yoghurt ★
Yogurt is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, all of which are necessary for the immune system. And more importantly, there are probiotics that help enhance the intestinal microflora. It helps to strengthen the immune system as well. They have the most protein in all yogurts in ufabet Greek yogurts.