Bipolar disorder that should be understood

Bipolar disorder that should be understood before being irritability, upset, put the patient. Bipolar disorder or bipolar disorder Is a disease with mood disorders. The abnormal mood changes can be divided into two extremes: when emotional or aggressive and depressed mood.  Which during times of mood disorders tend to last almost all day. Also symptoms for a long period of days or weeks, the data from the ufabet University.

Bipolar disorder

The symptoms of the disease have 2 stages:

1. Period of good mood or aggression.

Patients will be more emotional or jovial than usual. The more irritable than usual combined with the feeling that there is an excess of energy or having more unusual daily activities Together with other symptoms, including

1) Do you believe in yourself? Feel that they are very important or capable

2) Does not require restful sleep

3) speaking more than usual or unable to stop

4) thoughts run fast

5) It is easy to concentrate.

6) There are activities that have a lot of purpose. (Whether it is a social activity Work study Or sexuality) or very restless

7) Preoccupied with activities that are enjoyable but are likely to cause complications (e.g., extravagance, promiscuity, or reckless investment in business).

Bipolar disorder

2. Depressed mood

The patient will have a sad mood. Or being unhappy or losing interest in activities that you used to enjoy .Together with other symptoms,


1) There is a greater or decreased need for food. Or unusual weight gain or loss

2) insomnia or excessive sleep

3) more restless or sluggish

4) Fatigue or lack of energy

5) Feeling worthless Or have a very unusual guilt

6) Concentration deteriorates or makes decisions.

7) thinking about dying or suicidal thoughts