Dust gets into the eyes What should I do?

Dust gets into the eyes What should I do? Dust entering the eyes is a condition in which debris or dirt such as dust, sand, sawdust, fibers, cosmetic powders Or even the eyelashes accidentally blown or splashed onto the conjunctiva. Which those dust can cause irritation. If you accidentally rub your eyes, it can cause red eyes. But in general, such dust particles are often excreted by themselves through tears. Dust in the eyes usually does not cause any serious harm.

Dust gets into the eyes What should I do?

How does it happen?

Usually, eyelashes are responsible for preventing dust or other particles from entering the eyes. But sometimes the dust may accidentally fly or fall into the eyes as well. Especially when doing activities. Such as doing under-car suspension checks, riding a motorcycle without a helmet or goggles. Also being outdoors during strong winds, etc.

Is dust in your eyes dangerous?

If we can’t get rid of that dust by ourselves. Such dust particles may become trapped in the conjunctiva causing redness,  tears, and a feeling of something stuck in the eye. If there is dust trapped under the upper eyelid, it can cause pain , pain when I blink and you rub your eyes . It can cause conjunctivitis or corneal ulcers, but generally dust into the eyes may not cause any danger just yet. cause irritation or annoyance only for a short time.