Dust in the eyes how to deal with it?

Dust in the eyes how to deal with it? When dust particles or foreign objects enter the eyes, the body has a mechanism to eliminate them by producing tears to wash them away. The symptoms of dust in the eyes will disappear on their own when the dust particles are expelled.

Dust in the eyes, how to deal with it?

But if the dust is still stuck You may try to get rid of the debris in the following ways.

  • Blink often to help dislodge the dust faster. But if the crumbs cannot be washed with tears Do not use cotton swabs or other sharp objects. Such as tweezers to touch the eyeball. and do not rub your eyes. Because it can cause the corneal surface to abrasion.
  • Wash your eyes by washing your hands thoroughly. and remove contact lenses first, then tilt your head to the side Carefully open your lower eyelids wide apart with your fingers to some extent, before taking a drop of water, saline, or a glass of clean water or gently pouring it from the inner corner of your eye to allow the water to flow through your eyes and wash away any dust particles.
  • If doing the above doesn’t work or the dust is still stuck. Cover the dusty eye with a bandage. and rush to see a doctor.
  • When there is dust in the eyes. See your doctor for immediate medical attention. if symptoms appear, such as severe eye pain or persistent eye pain. Vision problems, blurred vision, blurred vision see the image as a point eyes sensitive to light. Seeing halos around lights or shadows, bleeding in the eye or the appearance of the black eye has changed, etc.
  • In the event that the object is thrown into the eye with speed and force or a relatively large sharp object such as a piece of glass, a piece of wood or a piece of iron, or suspected that. Such a piece may have entered the eye. Do not manually pull and remove the object from your eyes. Because it may cause injury or a wound on the eye surface.