Eat bubble tea without getting fat. How should you eat it?

          As you can see, the calories in bubble tea are not less, sugar, flour, milk, creamer, all of which are fat people. But those who lose weight or are afraid of being fat do not have to worry. If you want to eat pearls, you can eat them. How to eat tea is not fat as follows for your heath.

1. Choose to drink less sweet.

Bubble Tea

          Most bubble tea shops offer a selection of the sweetness level of the tea. If we do not want the amount of sugar exceeds the amount that the body should receive. You can choose a tea’s sweetness level as low as possible, at first it can be 50% sweet and then gradually reduce UFABET it to 30% accordingly. And if you can avoid adding creamer, it will be very good.

2. Small size is enough.

           Some stores also have a selection of glass sizes. From small size glass, medium size to large size, which I don’t tell, you should know that we should choose the smallest size glass. Eat as much as you want. The shape will not be broken.

3. Have to reduce other foods.

          If on any day that you eat bubble tea. You should refrain from certain foods. especially starchy and sugary foods eat less rice To save yourself from getting too much sugar than the amount that the body should receive.

Can’t reduce the size of the glass. So we choose to eat only half a cup of bubble tea. Or suck a little enough to get rid of the desire. and then decided to leave the rest of the bubble tea with no regrets Recite in mind that eating an entire cup of tea is equal to eating 1 bowl of noodles.

5. Force yourself to eat only no more than a cup a week.

          If you eat tea every day, you will surely gain weight. So force yourself to eat 1 cup of bubble tea a week or 2 cups a month. or try to eat as little as possible In addition to cutting calories from bubble tea. It’s also a way to save money.