On the subject of hope.

Hope refers to what is expected to happen in the future. If we decide to do one thing with the goals you want to reach. Hope consists of having the freedom to make decisions and the path that leads to what is hoped for. When people have expectations and set goals. It is natural to encounter obstacles. “Hope” is what keeps us trying and helps us cope with problems. that can happen.

Hope isn’t just about feeling good. But it’s also a way of thinking that motivates us to keep trying. There is a desire to learn. Do new challenging things. It is normal to make mistakes when doing something. Because no one is good at everything. When mistakes are made. It is important to learn not to repeat the same mistakes. And have confidence in their own potential that they can develop further failed this time. it’s okay.

People with hope tend to be confident in themselves. See how to achieve goals. If you have the freedom to decide and see the path even more hope.

How to create hope.

1. Take care of your physical and mental health.

– To cope with obstacles. Your body and mind must be in good shape.
– One of the ways to help them is to do things regularly. Be aware of your emotions and own feelings To manage properly.
– Find something that makes you happy. (Must not be a disadvantage to ourselves or others).
– We can set a schedule of life and follow. It gives us confidence that we can still control things.

2. Be aware of negative thoughts. Then think to be realistic.

– When bad things happen. or obstacles that interfere with what we expect It’s not uncommon to think negative things like. “The vaccine has been postponed again. Why are we so unlucky?” Negative thoughts or concerns can be viewed as It’s our survival instinct to find a way to escape. Be prepared to deal with the bad things that may happen. such as in the event of a postponement of vaccination causing us to find other solutions “We’d rather pay for the vaccine that we have to pay ourselves. should be able to inject faster”
– In the case of negative thinking, worrying at a level that allows survival not losing mental health considered acceptable But if you think so negatively that you don’t look at the problem as it really is, for example, you think that the incident is serious like your life will end. 

3. Accept that there are very few things we can control in life

– Having hope. We have to feel that we can control certain things in life, namely the freedom to make decisions. But we have to admit that there are factors that we can’t control and that we can’t control.
– The best thing we can do is we do things that we can control well. In order not to regret later
– If you do your best How it turns out, you have to accept it. At first, you may feel disappointed and can’t make up your mind. It’s okay because these things take time.

4. Finding a New Hope for Reality

– Having hope is a good thing. But if that hope seems impossible We may need to adjust our hopes to fit the facts. Because otherwise it will make us more disappointed and traumatized than before.

5. Find someone who can comfort you.

– When we feel bad. to have someone listen without judgment It is another helper that allows us to overcome obstacles. And may get new hopes added
– The still in contact with the good people It helps us feel that we are not alone. and gain strength