Relieve stress easily at your desk.

Stress is a state of emotions or feelings that arise when faced with a variety of problems. That makes you feel uncomfortable and frustrated. Mild to moderate stress can help increase work efficiency. Making you feel enthusiastic and careless. But if stress accumulates or is stressed regularly. It may adversely affect the body, mind ,healthy and society, resulting in reduced work efficiency. Therefore work planning should be taken into account. It’s also about allocating time to reduce stress levels.

Simple stress relief plan at the desk can be done in 4 steps as follows.

1. Divide tasks according to their nature into 3 groups

Urgent tasks – tasks that need to be done immediately
Full-time tasks – normal tasks that require responsibilities according to duties
Creative work to increase positive energy – work to relieve stress

2. Use a blank sheet of paper to write this table on the paper and then take a list of tasks to do and write it down in the box, divided according to the nature of work and importance.

3. Simple ways to relieve stress that you like to include in your work plan. For example:

– Breathing exercises.
How to sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Put your hands together on your abdomen, slowly inhale deeply while counting 1 to 3 in your mind, hold your breath count 1 to 3, slowly exhale count 1 to 4, repeat 4-5 times in a row.

– Visualization.
How to sit in a chair in a comfortable position. then close your eyes Calm your mind. Imagine an environment that causes you to feel comfortable and relaxed, such as the sky, river, waterfall, sea, etc. Once your imagination has calmed down. Take a deep breath and a long exhale while saying nice things to yourself, such as “I can, I have the ability. I can get past the obstacles.” Then count 1, 2, 3, slowly opening my eyes.

4. Take action when everything is planned. The most important part is consistent and continuous action.