The advantages of take a hot shower. 

Ever heard the phrase “Adults take a hot shower first” ? This sentence means Adults will experience various events. or have experience in various matters than the younger ones. But in this article, we will talk about the advantages of “hot baths” that make us know that Why should we take a hot bath as an adult?

  1. Reduce pain in joints and bones If you have knee and joint pain, a warm bath will help reduce the pain. or inflammation
  2. help sleep better Reduce the stress that you get throughout the day. If at any point you feel sleepy, try taking a shower or taking a hot bath. Or warm water before bed for 30 minutes-1 hour will help us feel more relaxed. Especially if the essential oils are good. with a scent that helps to sleep well like lavender to put in the bathtub Or it’s the smell of shower cream as well. will feel more relaxed
  3. An article from Harvard University states that the research found that A person who takes a hot bath or bath or warm water every day It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 28% and the risk of secondary vascular disease by 26%.
  4. Reduce itching from rashes on the skin. The hot water will act on the brain area. will cut the signal causing itching to reach the brain It makes us feel less itching.

Precautions when taking a hot bath.

Hot bath or very warm water. The temperature UFABET is too high that the body can’t take it. Overheating can cause sudden death. Or it could cause us to faint. and drowning in a basin Therefore, every time you choose to take a hot bath or warm water, you should choose a temperature that is suitable for your body. Each person may not be able to withstand the same amount of heat. Try increasing the temperature gradually until you feel most comfortable. not too hot to suffer This will not be at risk of hypothermia that can be life-threatening.

In addition, bath time Or soaking in hot water is important. Do not bathe or soak in water for too long. If taking a shower, you can take a normal bath for about 5-10 minutes. If it’s a bath, it shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes as well. The time for a hot bath can be chosen both in the morning and in the evening, but if you want Help with relaxation before bedtime, should take a bath or soak in warm water before bed for 30 minutes-1 hour if you feel that your skin is dry after bathing. Lotion should be applied to add moisture to the skin as well.