The secret to beauty with food.

The secret to beauty with food. In addition to cucumbers, tomatoes, honey or berries. Many people are familiar with that as food to enhance beauty, there are also many natural foods that hide nutrients and effectiveness in promoting beauty and youth for girls (and boys), including skin, hair, eyes, lips to the tip of the nail.

beauty with food

Let’s start with the issue of “skin”  that most people give a top priority. While using a skin cream or serum is a great solution to a skin problem many women rely on, eating healthy foods on a regular basis is one factor that is easy to do too.

For example, ”  ufabet Figs “ are loaded with dietary fiber, which helps in the excretion of waste from the body. Thus helping to keep the skin healthy and radiant from within (But should be eaten in moderation Because the figures are relatively high sugar) and “pear”  with high fiber. Reduces inflammation and helps shed skin cells.

 It is also a fruit that helps to slow down aging,

including “Kiwi” .That contains high enough vitamin C to meet the daily needs of the body. It also contains vitamin E and antioxidants that help protect skin cells from being damaged.

beauty with food

For those who like to eat “ Sweet Potatoes”, you can smile. Because it is delicious, it is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Stimulates antioxidant skin bright lifeless as “Avocado” with vitamin E. Helps keep the skin healthy and youthful. Most people like to eat vegetables produced “Spinach”  vegetables are loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C helps build collagen in the body as an ingredient in a delicious smoothie or glass.

It comes to the maintenance of “hair”  . In addition to “coconuts”   are good fruit to the skin. “Coconut”  also nourishes the skin with a fine and good fats, vitamin E, vitamin K and minerals. That helps keep hair healthy and shiny The “ Red Bell Peppers” are vegetables with more collagen and vitamin C than many people think. Helps to avoid dry, brittle or lacking shine.

For nut lovers , ” Walnuts ”  are nuts that are high in protein and omega. Including biotin, which helps to prevent dry, weak and brittle hair, as well as ” Whole Grains ” , these unrefined grains are rich in B vitamins and biotin. Improves hair strength and zinc that reduces dry scalp and hair loss.

It comes to the maintenance of the window of the heart like “Eyes” to keep it bright and healthy. Many people know that the “carrot”  vegetables rich in vitamin A and beta – carotene reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Plus easy to find and buy Is used to make salads and menu favorites are the “almond”  is one of the peas very beneficial to good eyesight because vitamins E .

When it comes to foods that nourish the “Lips” beauty with food.

beauty with food

many people could not imagine the fruits that we eat on a regular basis and are familiar with “Watermelon”. Its containing up to 97 percent of the water that helps replenish moisture. It also gives your lips a beautiful pink color . “ Beetroot ” is one of the superfoods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. That helps prevent dark and wrinkled lips and “Yoghurt” , a favorite of the health line. Which, in addition to being high in protein, also helps the pigment on our lips to be beautiful as well.

End with the beauty of “Nails” , one of the organs that girls. Give no less importance than each other Food nourishes nails to eat, whether it’s “Egg”  with the protein, iron, vitamin B12 and biotin. It helps flesh nail thick and strong, “Salmon”  with protein and zinc. It helps build collagen to strengthen nails as well.