What foods you should eat or reduce for a healthy?

What foods you should eat or reduce for a healthy ? For women who may need to lose or control weight. But still worried about the beauty and good figure Choosing to eat is another way to add beauty and good health at the same time, we just “eat” and “do not eat” properly.

What foods you should eat or reduce for a healthy

We put forward how to eat to lose weight, but still pretty nice Korean girl who became one of the leading fashion and beauty, known as K-Beauty comes from “food to eat” first vegetables. And fruit is the food that should be eaten more. Especially vegetables can be eaten as fresh vegetables.

 “What should be reduced” 

includes foods made from wheat flour such as bread, pasta, cereals, and bakery items. Foods made from dairy products and cheese. Fried and fried foods that use too much oil Including processed foods and high in sugar, such as sweets, candies, soft drinks In addition, Korean women seriously refrain from eating sweets. And focus on eating a variety of foods in 1 meal and eating in moderation (full enough) only

What foods you should eat or reduce for a healthy
Did You Know?

In addition to abstaining from dairy products and cheese, it is good for you to keep your figure well. “Reduce acne” as well, because it is researched that people who like to eat milk are more likely to get acne than those who do not eat. But if really inevitable Instead, opt for skimmed milk, low-fat cheese, or low-fat yogurt.

Vitamin & Collagen: The Beauty Helper:  Dietary supplement

Many people would have added beauty with vitamins and supplements, especially “Vitamin C” ( ufabet) and “Collagen”  , a protein fiber. A type of macromolecule that is the main component of skin, hair, hair and nails, which helps to keep it firm, smooth and firm.

In fact, collagen is something the body can create on its own. But for people over 30 years found that collagen synthesis decreased. 

Resulting in wrinkles, uneven wrinkles And looks older than your age Many people turn to eating different types of supplements. Until becoming a popular trend that continues to grow

Did You Know?

“How to eat the most beneficial collagen” is to eat along with foods high in vitamin C.  Because vitamin C enhances the efficiency of collagen absorption into the body better. It is called two indispensable companions of women.