3 tips to adjust your eating

Eat well.

Try to include protein, fiber from whole grains, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Because when the body receives adequate nutrition and water properly. They are able to build up their immune system, and have enough energy to meet them. So you don’t feel tired, exhaustion or hunger often, increasing your productivity and helping you focus more.

3 tips to adjust your eating

Eat to some extent

The working corner and the dining table are clearly separated. Eat food at the table should be conscientiously. To take a break and change movements as well. And should absolutely not eat to work No matter how busy or in a long meeting Because doing many things at the same time. Will not focus on eating Bully to not know that he is full This will cause you to eat more or less than you should. It is believed that many Thai foods are not very suitable for eating in a hurry in front of the computer. Because they will not get the desired enjoymen.

Eat in time

Even if Work from Home, we should have a life schedule similar to when we go to work. Setting meals and brakes at times will help you avoid eating all the time. And also had a brain break as well After a long online meeting Come to recharge and take a break with% Arabica.