5 bad behaviors affect premature aging

     5 bad behaviors affect premature aging.Naturally, our bodies begin to show signs of obvious wrinkles around their late 30’s. Wrinkles or aging of the body can depend on many factors. There are both factors that come from external pollution and factors that come from our own behavior.

5 bad behaviors affect premature aging

     The more we have behaviors that hurt our skin. It also causes very premature aging only. So which behaviors are considered risky and are the catalysts for faster premature aging? Today we have to tell you.

1. Do not avoid the sun.

     The first thing is to be exposed to sunlight. Within the sunlight that hits our face, it contains UV rays, which can do a lot of harm to our skin. Prevention is to apply sunscreen and must choose a sunscreen that meets our needs as well. The numbers indicated on the front of the sunscreen bottle will tell us which type to choose, with the SPF as the UVA protection and the PA value as the UVB protection.

     In which if we are indoors or working indoors, such as working in the office, rarely get in the sun It is recommended to use about SPF 15 PA +, but if there is a work that requires a lot of exposure to sunlight, such as needing to go out to see customers, then it may have to go to the streets. May choose to use a sunscreen SPF 30 PA ++, but if you have to get out in the sun Having played outdoor sports, it is recommended to use SPF 60 PA +++. 

2. Do not avoid the heat.

     In front of a hot stove May not give us the same wrinkles as the sun. But it is considered to be a factor that can cause skin problems following it. Because the heat can cause the pigment to stimulate. And what follows is freckles or blemishes and is considered to be another factor that makes us age before you can.

3. Use a lot of facial muscles

     Someone who shows a lot of facial expressions This means that a lot of the facial muscles have to be used. Over the years of accumulated muscle usage, the muscles keep in mind that we like doing that kind of face like this and shrink even more. Which frequent facial expressions like this will cause permanent wrinkles.

4. Lack of sleep and rest.

     If we lack sleep or rest a little. The obvious landmark is that our face will start to have wrinkles, wrinkles easily, not brighten, the area under the eyes has dark circles due to enlarged veins. In addition, when the body lacks sleep, the hormone cortisol will be released. Has the effect of destroying collagen under the skin. The skin becomes thinner and withered easily. The bones will be easily perforated as well.

5. Drinking alcohol and smoking.

     When we drink alcohol and smoke It will cause the body to be inflamed. When we keep doing this It will cause various diseases and also cause the body to stress oxidation the body creates stress radicals, which are part of the free radicals. And cause aging of my skin.