Eating too much sugar can cause a heart attack

Eating too much sugar can cause a heart attack. Eating sweet food Reputed to contain a mixture of sugar often has a delicious taste. But hidden with more danger than everyone expected. The amount of sugar that can be obtained from rice, Bread or other seasoning ingredients will suffice. But we also add sweetness into the bloodstream. Whether it is drinking beverages such as bubble tea, iced coffee, soft drinks, bakery, etc. Today we have information about the dangers of eating too sweet to leave.

Eating too much sugar can cause a heart attack

It’s this sweet and delicious taste that Ajarn Satis Intarakamhang. It said to bring all kinds of sickness. Whether it’s hypoglycemia, diabetes, or some sweeteners can cause cancer.

experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of United States also discovered that The more sweet you eat both in the form of food, snacks and beverages which intended to add sugar to be unnaturally sweet The greater the risk of dying from a heart attack is three times higher.

explain why When the body gets too much sugar Increased insulin in the bloodstream affects the blood vessels. It will thicken and harden the walls of blood vessels. leading to atherosclerosis Consistently high blood sugar levels also decrease the efficiency of the heart muscle. and damage the heart muscle

In addition, the daily intake of more calories from sugar than necessary contributes to weight gain. For this reason, it affects the work of the coronary arteries until a heart attack occurs. At the same time, it offers consumers to reduce their intake of sugary foods. And called for a tax on high-sugar beverages, along with.