International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day.March 8 of each year is the day of the female labor protest in Chicago, USA, and working women in the weaving factory march to protest against exploitation, oppression, scrape, and brutality. From employers who see productivity more important than human life.

International Women's Day

History of International Women’s Day

The history of ” International Women’s Day ” comes from working women in a textile factory in New York, USA. The protesting their employers to raise wages. And claim their rights But in the end, 119 women were killed as a result of this incident. With arsonists burning the factory where they were sitting All these events took place on March 8, 1857.

Then, in the year 1907 (BE 2450) working women in a textile factory in Chicago. The United States cannot stand the exploitation and abuse of employers who use them as slaves. Because these female laborers have to work hard for 16-17 hours a day without holidays, without any labor insurance. As a result, morbidity and mortality followed in a very short time. Instead, they were paid a small amount and if they were pregnant they were expelled.

The frustration made “Clara Sethkin”, a socialist feminist politician. 

The Germans decided to incite female laborers with a strike on March 8, 1907, and urged employers to cut their working hours to 8 hours a day and to improve all welfare. And giving women the right to vote as well However, even this claim Will not succeed Because hundreds of women workers were arrested. But it has made women around the world support Clara Sethkin’s actions and it has inspired women around the world to become more aware of their rights.

Later on March 8, 1908 ufabet more than 15,000 women workers marched across New York City. Call for an end to child labor The campaign slogan ” Bread and Roses ” means getting enough food at the same time. With the quality of life that is good.

Until March 8, 1910 (1910), the efforts of the working women were successful. When women representatives from 17 countries attended the 2nd Socialist Women’s Assembly in Copenhagen. Denmark In which the meeting announced the request of the women workers in the Third System, 8 hours a day, 8 hours to study and learn to develop their own potential, and another 8 hours to relax. At the same time, the wages of women workers were adjusted to be equal to that of male workers. And there is also protection for the welfare of women and child labor as well.