Mask the face before bed

     Mask the face before bed. The fact that girls are exposed to pollution all day long It makes our facial skin tired and weak. The easiest and fastest way to do skin care that many people do. That is, the mask itself, especially the face mask before bed. It is a favorite thing of many women because it nourishes the skin while also relaxing.

     For women, facial skin is a big deal. It is important to take care of your skin to look healthy. Sheet masks are important items that women It is commonly used to nourish the face, but do you know that using a mask sheet, there are things that need to be careful as well. Because not just using the mask to put on the face and it will be over If we use it incorrectly, there is a chance that we can make our face more vulnerable. Today let’s see that better. Masking method before bedtime To get the most benefit, what should I do? So that our faces will be white. Beautiful, crush, no stumbling.

Mask the face before bed

5 ways to mask the face before bed

1. Choose a mask that matches the skin.

     Each mask can help nourish our skin differently, so women should choose a mask that suits our needs. For example, if you want to make your face clear and white It is wise to choose a mask that contains ingredients to help in that matter. And the same should be chosen to match the type of our skin, especially girls with sensitive skin. Be careful when choosing a mask. Because some skin nourishing agents may trigger an allergic reaction to it.

2. Read the instructions on the back of the envelope.

     Each mask has different procedures. Reading the instructions on the back of the pack or on the back of the product will help you understand how each mask we purchase works, for example, some masks need to be massaged after the mask is finished. So that the essence and various skin care substances It is fully absorbed into the skin. But some masks are enough just to put them on the face.

3. Masking time

     Ladies should be careful when using the mask. Because we let the mask dry on our faces. Instead of fully nourishing It turns out that these face masks bring the moisture on our skin instead. Each mask has a different period of use. We have to be careful.

4. Wash your face after mask.

     As I said, each mask has a different way to use it and women. You should read the method on the back of the envelope carefully. Some masks can be finished and go to sleep, especially sleeping masks, but some masks are not. Because some brands of sheet masks state that we clean our face after using it. This is because there may be a residue that can clog pores and cause acne. Or it may cause inflammation to come up.

5. Need additional facial treatment as well

     Although the mask contains a concentrated essence that can help nourish the skin for us. But additional maintenance with various facial care products It is important. Because in some masks, they do not have all the skin care products that will solve our skin problems. Even for girls With many skin problems, it requires additional skin care to solve the problem to the point.