Recheck!! Are we suffering from social anxiety disorder?

Recheck!! Are we suffering from social anxiety disorder?

Don’t let the online world control you!! Today I would like to invite you to check if you are behaving similarly to ” social phobia ” or not?? before it’s too late In fact, when we post or doing something in public What we should do is think before you speak, think before you act, or think before you write. post that because of these things that we show It is what communicates our identity. Although there is some truth Not true at all But outsiders think that what they see is what we are.

causing many people Starting to fear that society will judge us for what we don’t like. Some people may even create situations. to make yourself look better Despite the fact that we don’t have to do anything, we look normal. Not a strange person

Social Anxiety Disorder 

social anxiety disorder Superficially, it may seem like a visualization. It’s unlikely to be anything serious. But in fact, these people are often unhappy in life. or do not see the value in oneself or may be classified as a mental illness such as depression So let’s check to see if there’s anyone near us who has a social anxiety disorder.

1. I’m always afraid that other people don’t look good.
2. I think too much and care too much about others.

3. Fear that others will not care, do not love, do not care (even if they are not close)

4. Want to make yourself look good all the time Even if it has to be done in any way.
5. Feel bad when people look bad or criticize.

6. Feel yourself above others And I want to be very high and steadily Kึึg
7. may inadvertently discriminating behavior. Or often see that other people can’t compete with themselves.

The best way to bypass when we have to meet with this group of people is if they are not close, they can avoid it. But may not have to cut off friends. Just talk and smile normally. so that we and him may be happy in their own place