Say goodbye to dandruff

Say goodbye to dandruff the easy way. For healthier hair and scalp.The dandruff problem affects the confidence of women. Many people are very good. Because it affects personality People with dandruff lose confidence, and it is difficult to dress each time, because if wearing a black shirt, people will definitely see dandruff.

Say goodbye to dandruff

What is dandruff?

Dandruff looks like white flakes or flakes on the scalp that form on the roots of the hair. It is the stripped cells of the skin on the top layer of the scalp. The peeling or shedding of skin cells on the scalp will move from bottom to top. Older skin cells will gradually peel off, which we normally cannot see with the naked eye. The life cycle of hair cells on the scalp is approximately 28 days for the replacement of old cells to new cells. But in people with dandruff problems Cells will shed and peel off faster than normal. This causes the cells to remain so large that they can be seen with the naked eye. Become a dandruff that is always a concern for many people.

Causes of dandruff

Abnormal peeling of skin cells on the scalp It can be caused by many reasons such as a fungal infection on the scalp. Has psoriasis (sorilis) and allergic reactions to chemicals that come into contact with the scalp, including shampoos, conditioners, curlers, and hair dyes It is the cause of the abnormal flaking of scalp cells that can turn into dandruff as well.

How to treat and prevent dandruff

1.Avoid scratching your head or washing your hair that is too harsh. Especially with people with long nails Because of severe exposure to the skin of the head Indeed, it is a direct cause that causes the cells on the scalp to fall off and become dandruff.

2. Should choose to use hair care products, both shampoo and conditioner that are gentle. Avoid using products that contain fragrances. You should choose a product that contains a moisturizer to help keep the skin, head and hair moisturized. This will help reduce the peeling of cells on the scalp.  

3. Do not use a hair dryer with too hot temperature. And should avoid washing your hair with warm water Because the high temperature will destroy the natural oils on the scalp. Resulting in dry scalp, lack of moisture Resulting in abnormal peeling of cells on the scalp

4. Use a shampoo that contains drugs that can reduce the amount of fungus on the scalp. Or shampoo that has properties in eliminating dandruff Regularly at least 1-2 times a week to prevent flaking disorders and reduce dandruff buildup.

Dandruff will stop harassing. Just need to pay attention to clean the hair and scalp on a regular basis. Especially when choosing products related to hair and scalp, you must choose the one that is right for yourself. By using it must not cause allergic reactions. The best option is natural products such as bergamot skin shampoo. Or butterfly pea flower shampoo, etc.