Simple money saving techniques in everyday life

Simple money saving techniques in everyday life.Each person has different techniques and methods to save money according to their own preferences and convenience. In addition, each person has different goals for collecting money. Whether for shopping For savings in retirement age For further education, to marry, to support parents Tuition fees for children or for travel  Even if you are someone who I rarely collect money. Keep how much it does not grow.  

Simple money saving

::: Keep before use :::

When salary is released Or get money Many people tend to spend those money first. Wait for the money to be left at the end of the month and then use the rest to save. This is a collection method that slows you to reach your goals. Plus some months, there is still no savings left Because he accidentally spent all the money until there was nothing left to collect at the end of the month

The easiest way to solve the “no money left” problem is to “Keep before use”

Keep our savings separate from the funds that will be used. To prevent you from accidentally spending all your savings. It creates financial discipline for yourself. Allowing you to have money saved for management Continue to plan your finances as you want.

Simple money saving

::: Set the money that can be used each day :::

Let’s divide the average to see if each day. You can spend no more than a few baht. If today we use the rest, it can be compounded by tomorrow. But if today is used more than what is stated, then in the days to come, you have to live more economical and economical. So that you have enough money until the end of the month.

::: Record income and expenses :::

Used to be? Feel that each month does not use a lot of money. But why is it at the end of the month? Or perhaps not until the end of the month is almost dead Because the money was gone without knowing 

We can solve the problem “Money runs out without knowing” by registering income and expenses Whether it is writing in a notebook Or save through an application for recording income and expenses, it is even more convenient, this time you will know where your money has gone And most of your money is spent on

::: Keep the credit card payment separately :::

When you swipe your credit card, make sure to keep the slip or receipt. Or just make a note of how much credit card has been swiped. In order to mature enough to pay the debt Will be paid in full You can check whether the amount is correct or not.

Keep cash for credit card payments separate from spending and savings. In order to not be accidentally used and not having enough cash to pay for a credit card.

And do not forget to pay the debt on time as well. Write down in the calendar on which day you have to pay your credit card. In order to pay on time You do not have to pay interest to hurt and hurt you.

::: Automatic Debit :::

If you’re afraid you’ll forget to save your money Afraid that you will accidentally spend all that money Or do not have time to manage the savings each month Automatic direct debit is a quick and easy way. You can be sure that you will definitely have your savings every month.

::: Collect the fragments of coins :::

Try sweeping all the coins in the pocket to put the piggy bank. Choose a cute piggy bank that resonates with you. Will be an incentive to collect money And you will find that in just a few days your piggy bank will be heavy. Full of savings from your labor

::: Collect change :::

When paying for goods and receiving change back Try to bring that change and collect it. If one day you want to have a lot of savings Paid with large bills This time, you will receive a large amount of change to be collected as your savings.

::: Collect new banknotes :::

When you receive a brand new banknote, it is beautiful and beautiful. Another interesting method of collecting money. Plus it looks beautiful, that is, collecting new banknotes Any new leaf will be kept separately. This time, you will have a lot of money to save as a brand new banknote.

::: High interest savings / time deposit :::

Depositing money is a low-risk method of collecting money. Try to choose the form and length of deposit that suit your needs. Provide satisfactory returns In a reasonable time You can ask the ufabet bank that you are interested in. Or search for information from each bank’s website.