Stop the bad behavior in the meeting.

Stop the bad behavior in the meeting that makes the meeting lose atmosphere! It’s boring just hearing meetings, right? In addition to taking a long time. Waste of time working Sometimes a meeting is like sitting in the court of execution. Waiting for the boss and his colleagues to slaughter each other. As if sitting on the battlefield to stop bad behavior in the meeting That should not be imitated If we’re going to be like this Do not forget to improve and correct yourself.

Stop the bad behavior in the meeting.

Because apart from work, everyone and every life have other issues to be solved, but in a good way, we should not mix it with work. Until losing his duty and losing his mood And warns others when these things happen Therefore, it is important for creating a good working atmosphere.

Skip the meeting without prior notice

If business is really important They should inform in advance whether they will leave or cannot attend the meeting. But should not disappear without prior notice Even if this person is an important person in this meeting what it is It may make others have to wait to lose their job. And not concluding from the meeting Just because he was irresponsible from the meeting.

Interrupt someone

Some people like to interrupt others. No matter what anyone says, how important it is, how important it is, it can be interrupted. Plus no one dares him as well When I do this often Other attendees Will feel tired Until he may not want to comment at all Because being lazy is interrupted

Stop the bad behavior in the meeting.


If there is a microphone in front of you. This person will definitely not let the microphone go to anyone!

Commenting in a meeting Is good So that the meeting can exchange ideas together, but to “speak alone” without listening to anyone. Does not lead to good development either It is the duty of everyone in the meeting. Especially the meeting conductor To ensure that each participant has the opportunity to speak Have made some comments Equally

Get out of the meeting while meeting important matters related to yourself.

If the issues that are being discussed It doesn’t have much to do with ourselves Then we really have a need, for example, to have an important phone call. Want to go to the toilet Or suddenly sick Asking permission to leave the meeting room for a while is possible. But if the matter at the meeting is an important issue that pertains to us directly Getting out during this time May halt work Plus have to let everyone wait for us alone again


Have you ever been sitting for a long meeting? Wasted hours But get a little real work

And then the rest of the meeting What did you lose?

Sometimes it was lost to sitting and waiting for someone to arrive late. Sometimes lost in waiting for the installation of computer systems, microphones, slides, waiting for documents, and another reason that we meet often The fact that there are people who speak out of the issue

The person speaking out of the matter at the meeting is a waste of time in the meeting. Except that it is not important The work doesn’t walk any more. No one dared to interrupt Or dare to warn that person to stop talking off the topic as well. Can only sit and listen to the boredom With thinking in his heart that when he will finish speaking If we are doing this accidentally Do not forget to remind yourself to come back and talk about the issue. Will be good for everyone, everyone

Speak badly at each other

Maybe I’m not sure if this is the meeting room or the execution ground. Why are there only people who are brooding at each other, slashing, clashing, and clashing with each other so fierce? If we are someone else who likes to use words that make the audience feel bad. Using sarcastic, sarcastic, or offensive words If anything. it can be improved. Do not forget to improve it. For a good ufabet

meeting atmosphere And good relationship between people working together