Techniques for managing a happy marriage during COVID-19

Techniques for managing a happy marriage during COVID-19

The behavior of couples living together during COVID-19 to be happy can be managed as follows:

1) Manage Anxiety Learn to live with the truth today.

The first step in problem management Is to accept that we are in an unusual situation. It is natural to feel anxious and difficult to deal with any problems that arise. Worry is simply a battle instinct in order to survive this crisis. You should avoid worrying about a particular subject for a long time unnecessarily. Consuming the same news over and over all day is not beneficial. 

managing a happy marriage during COVID-19

2) Communication is King. Communication is the most important.

Because we still have a lot of stress and pressure during COVID-19, our partner is another human being who has the same feelings. Just how to handle his or her problems might be different to you. You need to be aware that your partner needs more personal space or care. Either way Demand communication Your feelings or thoughts to your partner are even more important than during normal times.

The principles of good communication for couples include:

i-Message  uses sentences in which the speaker communicates his or her feelings and needs. Avoid using you-messages, which directly refer to your partner’s actions. This type of communication tends to include intonation of censure and negative emotions. For example, “You always stick with me.” Do you intend to give me any free time? ”This statement can cause the audience to feel reproach and lead to feud. On the other hand, saying, “I love you, but lately I need some personal time to relax my whole body and recharge my mind on a daily basis.” A couple Including promoting positive emotions, love and concern between each other.