The core principles of yoga practice.

Yoga means creating a balance of body-mind. And the soul to be as one Practicing yoga is a process of training the body, breathing exercises, and training the mind to focus on the breathing in and out. Which will lead to better concentration. In practice, three things must be combined: slow movement, breath-to-motion synchronization and have a calm mind while moving.

  • Correct yoga breathing : inhale-flat stomach, exhale-flatten-tummy, rhythmically in accordance with each exercise. By inhaling the air to fit the exercises to get enough oxygen. And let out a breath to drive polluted air out of the body and UFABET reduce muscle tension.  
  • Practice each pose slowly, at the right pace. Control the movement of the body according to the natural limitations of the individual’s body. Don’t force yourself too much. Such as stretching too much, too tight, too tight, too much twisting. People with different health problems should practice step by step. By starting with a simple pose first.
  • Concentration to focus on being one with the practice without distraction. It will make the mind calm and able to reach meditation as well. Try not to talk to each other during training. mute cell phone should practice regularly at least 3-4 times a week.
  • take a break and relax After each exercise, take 5-7 slow, deep breaths to relieve muscle tension. and adjusting the body to a normal state before practicing the next posture.