The principles of good communication for couples

Adjust to the ‘new’ normal

This is not a normal situation. If the lifestyle is not prepared, there is a very high risk of marital problems. Couples need to take on more roles than ever before. Try to find a time when both of you are comfortable. Then sat down and sorted out the obligations that had to be done, including expectations from both parties If there are children or elderly people who need to take care of them in the home, it is necessary to set aside time to take care of the children and the elderly. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You are not a Home School teacher or a global elder caregiver. Some things don’t have to be excellent. Remember that this is not a normal period. Just let the little details go through so that both of you can live sustainably in COVID-19.

The principles of good communication for couples.

After managing the schedule to do household chores and divide duties. 

Don’t forget to set aside your own time. We all need to have personal time and not work time. Maybe it’s just a break from your work alone in a corner of the room. The use of personal time not only recharges one’s life but also makes it easier for each individual to consume information that is of interest to each person. Which can be discussed later Of course, there must also be a time for the close couple. Besides sex, there are many other activities that you can do together. There should be times in the morning or at bedtime where you avoid talking about anything related to COVID-19 so that you can spend more time paying attention to other things around you and caring for the important people next to you.

Even in a very small area, dividing the space in a house or condominium into proportion is good for the mind. Wherever possible, one should be allocated as a working room. If unable to divide the room Similarly, drawing a mock line to divide a work area and a relaxation area in the same room works. Using headphones may help make the virtual boundary more clear. Hiding in the bathroom or in the car to think about work or talk on the phone is another option. If you have a garden area outside your home Coming out to work outside the house on a day when the weather is not too hot is a great change in the atmosphere.