The principles of good communication for couples(2)

Avoid insulting each other That sounds unlikely to be a problem. But in fact, the insulting communication style of couples was the most influential factor in divorce among couples. We may show disdain for a couple through disrespectful words. Sarcastic, ridicule, or even making facial expressions. Many people are unaware that the insult is more severe than denial. People who are insulted by their lovers feel worthless and inferior. Some people may speak and act insulting things without realizing it, such as saying something like “Oh … like that? You’re probably tired from work. But I have to stay with my child all day. Teach children homework during the school season. Cooking for both the children and the husband who came home were always sitting with their phones. This is like having two children. ” 

The principles of good communication for couples.

Praise more than blame It is impossible for a marriage to be happy all the time. But research has shown that married couples who live longer tend to have periods of happiness compared to times of quarreling at a ratio of at least 5 to 1. Enough pressure on matters, major decisions that could lead to conflict should be postponed if possible. You should focus on the good times of the day, if there is anything your partner impressed you, be sure to praise and encourage each other.