What is social distancing?

Social Distancing People may be familiar with their ears during this period. Because it is a word that is used very often During this kind of covid situation, many people may or may not understand what Social Distancing is. Today I will tell you about it. It is important for your health.

What is social distancing?

Social distancing which is social distancing. This is done to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus because if they are in close proximity. Or having social groups come up will cause the infection to spread quickly. We therefore have to use this method to reduce the spread of infection. Even if it doesn’t work 100%, this method can help a lot. Because being in close proximity to each other while coughing, sneezing, nebulizers will definitely spread to nearby people first .

1. Unprotected Boxing Stadium Cheers were crowded around the boxing stadium and there was a huge shouting in the air. causing a lot of infection at the boxing stadium

2. Pub Thonglor There is a party at a pub in Thonglor area , which is another source of many infections that occur in Thailand. Because there are eating and drinking parties with both Thais and foreigners in that country. There is a high risk of contracting the virus.

Social Distancing Practices.

1. Try to stay at home and not travel to meet people. To prevent the spread of infection
2. Work at home Work at home to reduce close contact with colleagues or customers. Work online.
3. Refrain from socializing. no meeting Do not gather with many people.
4. Spacing between conversations or waiting in line to do various errands.
5. Refrain from using public transportation. Because there are many people who use it. And don’t know who is infected.
6. Meeting, studying online, using various platforms. in order to contact each other instead of traveling to find
7. Refrain from returning home to other provinces to prevent the infection from spreading to provincial areas and in order not to allow family members with elderly people to contract the disease because the chance of recovery is
difficult And isolate from others to prevent the spread of infection.
9. Take good care of your health. as well as protecting yourself initially by wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer disinfect covid virus

Everyone should practice social distancing every day in order to prevent the spread of covid 19 more for the nation. And the one you love we must survive together.