Italy national team crushes Malta 4-0.

Italy national team Gain a full tank of confidence before invading the England national team next week. By opening their nest to crush the Malta national team 4-0 in the Football Euro 2024 qualifying round.

Italy, who before entering the field were ranked 3rd in the group. Needed to win to have a chance to tie second place in the group. Before their next match. They will clash with England on Tuesday. This game opens against Malta. The bottom of the group that still doesn’t have a point.UFABET

The home team almost took the lead in the 5th minute. When Como Raspadori threw a corner kick from the left and the ball turned into Gianluca Mancini’s head.

In the 23rd minute, Federico DiMarco headed the ball in front of Moise Kean, took the opportunity to touch the ball. And was stuck in the visiting team’s defence. The ball flew towards Giancomo Bonaventura, composed before spinning the ball into the goal, Italy. Hey 1-0

During injury time.

Italy were 2-0 away. Nicolo Barella received the ball and passed it to Dominico Berardi. Who curled the ball and checked the inside post on the left side in the bottom of the net.

In the second half, in the 64th minute, Como Raspadori snatched the ball from the left and slammed it into the middle of the penalty area. Moise Kean was quick to hit the ball like he wanted to. Dominico Berardi hit the box with speed. The moment the ball entered the goal. It was the second goal of the Sassuolo striker. The locals made it 3-0.

As time passed until injury time, substitute Davide Frattesi hammered the coffin to close the match as Italy defeated Malta in the group 4-0. 

Italy then moved past Ukraine to second place. Before attacking and hoping to get back at England in a head-to-head competition to compete for Euro 2024 finals on Tuesday, October 17.