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Benefits of walnuts.

Cholesterol-Lowering Foods Another type that should not be missed. Did you know that eating walnuts every day is healthier than you think? Reduce the risk of heart disease.     Walnuts are a legume that is rich in protein contains unsaturated fat. Which in addition to helping reduce the level of

How good is coconut oil? 

 There are many different brands of commercially available coconut oil. Causing us to decide which one is better. We have a method for how to the quality of coconut oil for you.          * Must be clear, colorless, translucent no precipitation. But the observations from this

What is the Ketogenic Diet? 

 The ketogenic diet is weight loss by eating carbohydrate foods. Or starchy foods and sugar to a minimum. Focus on eating good fat foods for 75-80 percent along with protein foods to adjust the function of the metabolic system. It is considered to adjust the body to a state

What are the benefits of Keto Vegan?

          Although there is no medical information on how keto vegan is good for health. But several studies have shown the benefits of eating plant-based fats. Which is the principle of eating keto vegan as follows: 1. Reduce the death rate from coronary

The core principles of yoga practice.

Yoga means creating a balance of body-mind. And the soul to be as one Practicing yoga is a process of training the body, breathing exercises, and training the mind to focus on the breathing in and out. Which will lead to better concentration. In practice, three things must be

The advantages of take a hot shower. 

Ever heard the phrase “Adults take a hot shower first” ? This sentence means Adults will experience various events. or have experience in various matters than the younger ones. But in this article, we will talk about the advantages of “hot baths” that make us know that Why should we take a hot